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Competency in Operation of Drones We are now UK CAA certified for Drone Operational Flight Competent, Remote Pilot Theoretical Knowledge/ General Airmanship and TAA NQE Flight Competence Certificate CAP722

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Consultancy and Services:

Interconnectivity and Interoperability of production machinery and Management systems via the Industrial Internet of Things
Flexible Manufacturing System, comprising robots, conveyors etc, used as teaching systems and for industry. IIoT enabled.
Computerised Manufacturing Systems, comprising robots, CNC machines, conveyors, ERP etc applicable as teaching systems or for industrial applications. IIoT enabled.
Drones for Search & Rescue and with indoor navigation for manufacturing and warehousing applications. We have UK Certification in use of Drones for Commercial Operations
Mobile Robotics
Mobile robotic vehicles and development platforms for indoor and outdoor applications
R&D and Research Partnerships
Research and Development and Design of new products or equipment, from scratch
Manufacturing Consultancy
We provide consultancy in several areas such as Manufacturing Transformation, Digital Transformation, GD&D etc
Products Dealership and Partnerships
We represent products or work in partnership with renowned companies such as ABB, Omron-Adept, Shadow Robots, Versadrones, Emco, Okuma, ARTAS - Engineering Software, etc
We design and build customised Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems, e.g. for edible ice-cubes, dry-ice pellets etc. The system is IIoT enabled.