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Competency in Operation of Drones <> We are CAA certified for Drone Operational Flight Competency, Remote Pilot Theoretical Knowledge/ General Airmanship and TAA NQE Flight Competence Certificate CAP722
Versatile Drones Our drones are rain-proof, can operate in BVLOS and Swarm flights and carry a variety of payloads with sensor and robotics activation
Example Applications Areas: Surveillance, Monitoring and Security, Solar panel inspection, Medical delivery (parachute drop),Indoor inspection and delivery etc
Saudi Arabia KAUST Challenge : Our entry for the Swarm drone solution for Crowd Management to enhance the safety of Hajj and Umrah pilgrims was selected as 1 of the 11 finalists out of 1300+ entrants from about 30 countries.
Partnership with ELMEK : Since our 1st successful project in 2019 to deliver robotics, drones and high-end servers to a university, both the companies are combining efforts to push the development of local technologies in the drones sector
NTIS SandBox << BREAKING NEWS>> NF has been approved and awarded a Grant to develop local drones to regulatory compliance and commercialisation

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