Position Vacant


Automation, Robotics and Drone Systems Engineer

Job Description


We have secured a high technology automation and IIoT project. We are also appointed as a Strategic Partner with a major global player in robotics and automation systems. We seek engineers to lead and develop automation, mechanistic and robotics systems including integrated manufacturing systems and applications of drone technology for manufacturing and special operations.

Required Skills


  • Undertake development of Automation, Robotics and Drone Systems
  • Design of robotic grippers and ancillary equipment
  • Undertake R&D development projects to completion
  • Competency in handling and programming of various automation, robotics and/or drone systems involving indoor navigation and landing platforms
  • Strong analytical and innovative thinking
  • Strong inter-disciplinary interaction, teamwork and a dedicated sense of responsibility to get things moving and done.

Minimum Qualifications


Min 3 years experience
Diploma or University degree, preferably in mechatronics or robotics technology

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