DBRAIN - ICT Grid Computing and
Assistive Technology for Dementia


DBRAIN is part of the national road map for knowledge grid with the aim to develop Multi-agents (hardware and software) for diagnosis, therapeutics and treatment of dementia-affected people with the support of grid-driven bio-computing platforms of related gene discovery, protein predictions and drug discovery using a new Service Orientated Architecture.


Combining ICT, Grid computing and Robotics Technology, the project will develop medical devices and support systems for the benefit of Dementia sufferers, homecare and healthcare workers.

The following are some of the targeted deliverables emerging from the DBrain project:

  • Grid-based service with new SOA with online query and reference database for diagnostic, therapeutic and treatment of Dementia
  • Provide a comprehensive set of Therapeutic and Treatment Methods
  • Medical devices to assist Dementia sufferers to remember to take their medication or injection
  • Companion Robots
  • Exoskeleton Wheelchair, indoor and outdoor usage
  • Patient Tracking Devices
  • Integrating Software and Interfacing Standards
  • Wireless Base Communications and Monitoring systems

If you are involved in the care of Dementia sufferers or are interested to contribute towards this project please contact us.

We have helped to form The Dementia Society and the 1st Denentia DayCare Centre in Perak.

Visit www.dementia.com.my direct for more information

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