(Projects on strict NDA not disclosed)


(1) Automatic Production system with IIOT for packing and storage and unmanned dispatch of Icecubes

(2) Digital Unmanned Manufacturing system with IIOT with multiple robots, automatic warehouse, CNC, 3D print, Drones

(3) Manufacturing / Processing equipment for Incense / Sago / Icecubes

(4) Hi-speed low-cost robotic assembly of plastic pipe fittings

(5) Hi-speed Servo Pillow-pack Packaging Machine

(6) Technology Training Kits (Mechanisms, Automation, Robotics, CNC, Embedded Controls and IT)

(7) Manufacturing / Digital Transformation Consultancy:

      - Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

      - Water meters and automatic and smart test benches

      - IIoT for Plastic Injection moulding Manufacturing

      - Big Data and Automation of Icecubes Manufacturing

      - Precision and GD&T for manufacture of fibreoptic connectors

      - Design of automatic dish washing machine and degreaser with Dryice / bio-friendly solutions

(8) Development of Drone Delivery System for use in Manufacturing

(9) Fleet Management System for Drones for: Search and Rescue, Area Survey and Reconnaisance