Automation, Robotics,
Integrated & Smart Manufacturing System

Our automation and robotic systems projects are often conceptualized, designed and built from scratch. Systems may be standalone pick-and-place systems or complex multirobots, including Cobots with vision-guidance for assembly and production operations, used in a variety of educational and industrial uses e.g. Flexible Manufacturing system or Computerized Integrated Manufacturing.

Our key focus is on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT} and Industry 4.0, providing interconnectivity and interoperability, and data analytics to aid business decisions augmented with Artificial Intelligence, to drive efficiency and improvement of the enterprise bottom line.

We provide un-bias implementation of  hardware and software choices to realize the end goal of the system

CIM System 3A (100) FMS System 2A (100)
2019-11-13 H520 Landing-zoom
SAR System 1 (100)